The Greek Apocalypse of Daniel (9th Century)

This old prophecy was originally written in Greek around the year 800 A.D., in the city of Constantinople, and is thought to describe events of WWIII. Other prophecy researchers believed it referred to a period of early Byzantine history in which they fought battles against the Arabs and Turkish peoples. However, the first sentence of the prophecy begins with specific words to let us know that it is describing future events. The complete English translation is shown in G.T. Zervos’s book titled ‘Old Testament Pseudepigrapha, vol.1, pp. 763-767, published by Doubleday. The portions of this prophecy were also published in Helen Otto’s book “Their Earthshaking News, pp 323-325” (published by Veronika Press) only describe relevant passages thought to be related to future unfulfilled events in the prophecy regarding WWIII and the liberation of Constantinople. Therefore we notice that some of the text contained in the prophecy echos a similar theme with many of the other prophecies from the Byzantine Apocalyptic Tradition

“And there will be a great sound from heaven and a fearful earthquake and a voice from the angel from heaven”

and we can notice there is a similarity of this to the events described in the Book of Revelation. On to the prophecy…

The Greek Apocalypse of Daniel

“According to the God-spoken word which says: When you hear of wars and rumors of wars, nation will fight against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, earthquakes, plagues and deviations of stars. Then the bush which restrains the sons of Hagar will dry up. And three sons of Hagar will go forth into great Babylonia… And Ishmael will come down the region of the land of swift passage. And he will establish his camp in Chalcedon across from Byzantium. And the other one will come to Antioch, Cilicia, and Iberian Anatolia, the Thrakysan country and Smyrna and as far as the Seven-Hilled city. And he will spill Roman blood. And another will come to the region of Persia and the Galilean country the Armedian border, and the city of Trebizond. And he will come to the region of the land of the Meropes. And he will massacre male children from two and three years old and younger. And he will consume them by the sword. And the third one will come down the regions of the north and Mesiaspolis and Synopolis and Zalichos, the regions of Chrysiapetra, and the well-lit valley and Bythynia, and of Daphnousia, Chrysioupolis and Damoulion and as far as the Seven-Hilled city.

And therefore all these (will) slaughter an infinite multitude of Romans from two and three years old and younger. And they will gather together toward the sea. And in their ships (will be) a myriad myriads. (…) Woe, woe then. How will the orthodox faith of the Christians and the invincible power of the honorable and life-giving cross be overcome?

But hear, brethren, that because of their iniquity God forbears. And the first will set up his couch across Byzantium. And he will strike and they will be stricken. And then the rulers of the Romans blaspheme, saying, Woe, woe, neither in heaven do we have a king nor on the earth. And with this word the Lord will incline his mercy towards the Romans and toward their revenge and will repay justice to his enemies. And there will be a great sound from heaven and a fearful earthquake and a voice from the angel from heaven. And the Lord will incline his head and will set his fury against the sons of Hagar and upon the implacable race of Ishmael. And the Lord will lift up the cowardice of the Romans and put it into the hearts of Ishmael, and the courage of the Ishmaelites into the hearts of the Romans. And the Lord will raise up a king of the Romans, who people say is dead and useful for nothing, who people will think died many years before. The Lord is reserving this man in the outer country of Persia. This is his name: that which begins with the letter K of the alphabet. And this man is coming to the Seven-Hilled city toward the evening. And he will prepare for his enemies. And on Saturday morning as the sun rises, he will engage in a great war with the nation and the sons of Hagar, both he and the two small boys. And the rulers of the Romans will gather together in Byzantium. Then even the priests of the Romans and the bishops and abbots who are found will bear weapons of war.

… And Ishmael and the sons of Hagar will be butchered to the end. And there will be war and great bloodshed such as has not been since the foundation of the world. The blood will be mixed in the sea one and a half miles. And in the streets of the Seven-Hilled city horses will be submerged, drowning in blood. And from that nation and from Ishmael there will remain only three tents of men. And the sons of Ishmael will serve the Romans to the end and will serve the chief donkey drivers of the Seven-Hilled city for thirty years. (…) And the Roman race will desire to see a trace of Ishmael and will not find it. And then the prophetic word will be fulfilled that says: ‘How will one pursue a thousand and two remove myriads unless the Lord God rejected them and the Lord gave them over?’ And the king of the Romans will subdue every enemy and adversary (…) There will be one empire. And there will be great peace. … And all the islands and the mountains will be inhabited. … And his reign will be for 36 years. And the rulers of the Romans will desire to join in war but will not find it. And all the perimeters of the earth will fear them. And that king will glorify God because in his reign God gave to him the good things of the earth which he did not give since the foundation of the world. And the king will fall asleep in peace.And his two small boys will be taken up in peace after 33 years.

And after him there will arise from the north another king. And working great impurities and many injustices he will also work great iniquities. … Woe, woe then to the Christian race. Woe to those who are pregnant. And the praises of God also will cease. And the Lord God will call fire from heaven and will consume them. And after him a foul and alien woman will reign in the Seven-Hilled city. (…).

… Woe, to you, the Christian race. Again there will be an inroad of nations, again fear among the Romans again slaughters and disturbances for the Roman nation. … And therefore woe to you, wretched Babylon the mother of cities, because God will incline his wrath which emits fire. …

And another great scepter will arise from Judaea. (…)

[The prophecy then continues with the career of an “Antichrist” figure in the next era]

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