The Anonymous Prophecy of 1053 AD

The Anonymous Prophecy of 1053 AD is perhaps the number one prophecy in the Byzantine Apocalyptic Tradition. It is found in a few books covering the subject of Greek Orthodox Eschatology. Certainly considered in a class all by itself and potentially the number one proof text for validation the Orthodox prophecies, especially if and when we see the next event (prophecy #13) come to its full realization within the next few years.


The original manuscript is still kept and preserved in the library of the Monastery of Koutloumoussiou, one of the monasteries of Mount Athos in Greece.  This would perhaps tell us that the anonymous author was a monk associated with that monastery, and out of humility he did not wish to be identified.  It is also very ominous that the composition of the prophecy was only just one year prior to the Great Schism between the Western and Eastern churches in 1054 AD.

The Archimandrite Neilos Sotiropoulos of the Holy Monastery of Simonpetra at Mt. Athos discussed this prophecy in his book, The Coming Sharp and Two-Edged Sword, and he says the following:

Archimandrite Neoph. Kalofuntis, who at the time was an 83 year-old man (who took part in seven battles in the wars 1912-1913 against the Turks, saw this prophecy at Corytsa of Epirus in 1913, and comprised it in his  book Canon Collect to the Most Saint Mother of God edited in 1965), writes the following: “A prophecy found in an old manuscript in  Corytsa’s Holy Monastery of St. Nahum; it deals with the faultless and certain development of the world and was published in Corytsa’s  newspapers in 1913 by Mr. G. Cottos, Justice of the Peace there.”

There are other sources for a description and analysis of this prophecy. Dr. Helen Tzima Otto covered this prophecy in “Their Earthshaking News and “The Great Monarch and WWIII in Orthodox, Roman Catholic and Scriptural Prophecies.” The Hagiorite Monk, Nektarios Katsaros discussed it in his small book titled Prophecies Concerning Constantinople’s Liberation published around the year 1957. The Bishop of Kalamata, Gregorios, recorded another copy of  the prophecy in his book titled “What We and Our Children Will See which can be found at the Holy Serbian Monastery Kozani.”  The lay-theologian Demetrios Panagopoulos also published another version of the prophecy in his book titled “Saints and Sages Concerning What Will Happen in the Future.”

The Anonymous Prophecy of 1053 AD appears to parallel (or perhaps are directly related) to certain themes presented to us in Apocalypse of St. John related to the Seventh Angel’s Trumpet in Revelation chapter 10, the Seventh Vial in Revelation chapter 16, and perhaps even related to the great battle of “Armageddon,” Events may also parallel certain events in Revelation 19 with respect “wedding feast” of the Lamb and “rider on the white horse.” One could also argue some parallels to Matthew 24 and the coming “sign” of the Son of Man which would result in the “gathering of the elect” around the four corners of the earth symbolic of the spread of apostolic Christianity around the world. I merely suggest this because Emperor Leo the Wise’s prophecy speaks of a visible cross in the sky during the cessation of a war by an angel of God for three days and three nights. If we were to draw parallels to the book of Revelation, we can say the events described in the Anonymous Prophecy of 1053 AD align with some of the events at the end of Revelation chapter 16 describing a time after the completion of the reign of the two apostasies or “beasts” will face their final destruction and dismemberment.

Now let’s examine the text of the prophecy and offer a suggested interpretation…

Text of the “Anonymous Prophecy of 1053 AD” in Greek

Anonymous Prophecy of 1053 AD

English Translation of the “Anonymous Prophecy of 1053 AD”

Anon Prophecy 1053 English

The prophecy is broken down into 24 sentences, corresponding to the letters of the Greek Alphabet. Each prophetic sentence is not certainly ambiguous or described with sealed text that is hard to understand, but instead mentions specific events which would occur in terms of coming persecutions, holocausts, wars and invasions, peaking to a great battle in the city of Constantinople, followed by the unification of the churches and era of peace upon the world. Strangely enough it was according to Sotiropoulos, published in Corytsa’s newspaper in 1913 approximately one year before the prophecy started becoming realized with the First World War. It appears to detail all major global events of 20th century with the first 12 prophecies, while the last 12 prophecies still remain unfulfilled, and perhaps await materialization in the 21st century. The 24 prophecies are confirmed and “sealed” after the last prophecy with the words “I am the Alpha and the Omega” (Rev 1:8) indicating the prophecy was given to the anonymous person by Christ Himself in such a way to show that the 24 prophecies would align with the 24 letters of Greek alphabet, which starts with the letter Alpha and ends with the letter Omega. As Revelation 1:8 says: “I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty.”

Interpretation/Explanation of  the “Anonymous Prophecy of 1053 AD”


1. Great European War.

This describes the start of the prophecy with World Way 1 which began in 1914.

2. Defeat of Germany. Catastrophe of Russia and Austria.

The result of WWI, the defeat of the Germans, the falling of Russia to the Bolsheviks, and the dismemberment of the Austro-Hungarian Empire

3. Defeat of the Agarenes (Sons of Agar, or Turks) by the Hellenes (Greeks)

This talks about the Balkan Wars in Asia Minor in 1920 – 1922.

4. Reinforcement offered to the Agarenes by the Western nations and defeat of the Greeks by the Sons of Agar.

Kemal Ataturk begins the process of westernizing Turkey, and receives support from the Western countries who promised delivery of Constantinople to the Greeks, but with no Russian support due to the Revolution, the Great Powers abandoned the Greeks and increased support for the Turks.

5. Slaughter of the Orthodox peoples. 

This was the Asia Minor catastrophe of Orthodox populations under the rule of Kemal Ataturk.  After the West allowed the Turks to keep Constantinople, the military began the subsequent slaughtered millions of Armenians and Greeks in Turkey. The great ancient city of Smyrna was burnt to the ground as soldiers went into each house and set it on fire.  Also, around the same time Russian Communism resulted in millions of Christians in Russia to disappear.  From 1894 to 1923, the Turks killed over 1.75 million Greeks.

6. And then, great anxiety among Orthodox populations.

Again, under Stalin, many more christians in Russia perished or were sent away to Siberia. At the same time, there is great anxiety in the Greeks and other Balkan Nations after the holocaust in Asia Minor.  Under Communism 66.5 million Orthodox Russians were killed.

7. Invasion of foreign troops from the Adriatic sea. Woe unto those who live on the earth; (for) Hades is ready.

Italy’s Invasion of Greece in WWII.

Also it has been proposed by Sotiropoulos that 7 and 8 have a recurring application, and thus this will also signify the start of  WWIII. He states that this was placed at this location to warn the Greeks about Italy’s invasion, although the Hades on earth did not occur, because this event should be the triggering of WWIII.

8. For a moment the Son of Agar appears to be great

The could signify the sudden rise of Arab Nations with the wealth of oil field discoveries in their nations, and the world’s dependence upon them.

9. A new European war.

World War II begins with the rise of Adolph Hitler and Mussolini of Italy

10. Union of Orthodox populations with Germany.

Alliance of Germany with the Bulgarians and Romanians in WWII.  Both Orthodox nations entered the war as allies to Germany

11. Defeat of the French by the Germans.

Occurred in WWII in the Spring of 1940.  France was defeated and the northern half of the country was occupied by the Germans.

12. Revolution in India and its separation from England.

India’s Independence with Ghandi leading the peaceful revolution against Great Britain. In August 1947 India was granted independence from England.

Up to this point the first 12 prophecies were fulfilled with exact precision in the 20th century.  We await fulfillment of the last 12 prophecies, which lead to even more disasterous but yet more amazing events to come…


13. England to the Saxons only.

England’s loss of all colonies. This we actually could be witnessing the start of the realization before our eyes first with Brexit.  This chaos of leaving the European Union might eventually lead to calls for independence of Ireland, Scotland and Wales. England will be left to the “Saxons” alone.  The once great world empire who’s sun never set upon it, will be left to a small island as every nation or “mountain fled away” (Rev 16).


14. Victory of Orthodox peoples and general slaughter of the sons of Agar by the Orthodox.

This event is described with many other prophecies in the Byzantine Apocalyptic Tradition.  Orthodox Russia will invade Turkey to start WWIII

15. Anxiety in the world.

The fear of the war becoming global. Could also signify the rise in frequency of natural disasters at the same time as the war.

16. General despair upon the earth.

People will think that the end of the world has arrived. WWIII begins.

17. A battle of seven nations in Constantinople. Slaughter for three days and three nights. Victory of the greatest nation over the six nations.

Certain prophecies indicate that this will be Russia, who will liberate Asia Minor from the Muslims, as they have historically many times have tried to do in the past. The strategic location of the this city, relative to the seas and easy access to cross with supplies, will make Constantinople a strategic target for positioning of troops in WWIII.

18. Alliance of six nations against the seventh one, slaughter for three days and for three nights.

This is in full agreement with other prophecies that will indicate the intensity of the conflict in the streets of Istanbul.

19. Cessation of the war through an intervention of an angel of God, and delivery of The City to the Hellenes.

WWIII Ending

Many other Byzantine (and some Catholic) prophecies that describe this event in more detail:

St. Constantine’s Tombstone prophecy seems to reflect no. 17 to 19 in the prophecy:

“And the Blond race along with it’s Agents will defeat the whole of Ishmael and will conquer the city of the seven hills with her privileges. Then they will provoke a savage civil war (to last) until the fifth hour; and a (heavenly) voice will thrice shout: Stand ye, stand in awe and most significantly run to the area on the right (…)”

The Greek Apocalypse of Daniel (800 AD):

“And there will be a great sound from heaven and a fearful earthquake and a voice from the angel from heaven. And the Lord will incline his head and will set his fury against the sons of Hagar and upon the implacable race of Ishmael. “

St. Methodios of Pataras says:

At that time the ox will cry out and the Xirolophos will wail; and then the horses will stand still and a voice from heaven will cry out: let us stop and stand aright, let us stand still, peace be unto you! (…)”

In the prophecy addressed to Byzantine Emperor Manual II Palaeologus:

“But then, an Angel of the Lord God will descent from heaven through the merciful good will of God, and the Angel will hold in his hands the scepter and the sword of the most saintly Emperor Constantine and he will crown the Emperor of Peace. “

This theme is consistent with a few verses in St. John’s Apocalypse:





20. Submission of the Latins to the faultless Faith of the Orthodox believers

It is interesting to note some Catholic prophecies speak of a return to early apostolic traditions by the West through a future “Angelic Pastor”.   Both Catholic and Orthodox prophecies speak of an 8th and final ecumenical council to be called.

St. Nelios the Myrrh-Gusher (Died 1592, He lived in the village of St Peter in Peloponnesus, Greece) says the following

“… During that time the eighth and last Ecumenic Synod will take place, which will pacify the contentions of the Heretics, it will separate the wheat from the chaff, and the right doctrine from the false doctrine, and for the short length of fifty years there will be peace upon the earth.”

The Greek prophet Agathanghelos in the year 1279 AD speaks of the ‘Eastern Dogma’ and Apostolic Truth shining through Germany.

“But you Germany, be informed that one of your sons of the same blood turns against you, casts away in abhorrence the Latin dogma and becomes the Head of Heretics. I see our friends dispossessed, introducing so many novel heresies as there are shades on the wings of the white swan. I see the religious holidays pushed aside, the faith crippled and limping, your Church without a leader, like a tiny vessel without a rudder and a captain, and your faith without (spiritual) foundations. Terrible is the corpse, oh God! But you, son of man, you do have reason to feel amazed, because it is precisely from this very heretical Germany, and through her doings that the truth and the veritable worship of the Orthodox faith will be extolled at some future time. It is precisely Germany which, more than any other nation, will support most firmly the Apostolic truth. The Eastern dogma will shine through Germany.”

Therefore, one can conclude that the unified church will consist of many of the original doctrines found in the 7 ecumenical councils. The Orthodox Church, often accused of being an ‘outdated’ church, most firmly has held on to these “ancient” traditions.

21. The Orthodox Faith shall move outward from the East far into the West.

After the Eighth Ecumenical Council, the abolition of all Christian Heresies will result. There will be a return by all nations to the One, Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church as the feast of a single unity of the Bride of Christ to the Bridegroom  is celebrated.


The Blessed Agathanghelos says in his prophecies on the spread of Orthodoxy in 1279 AD:

“The terrible century shall forward the golden-tenth number. Then honey and milk will flow in everything, the sea storms shall cease, and for full fifty years shall peace reign. Truth shall triumph, and the sky shall rejoice in true glory. The Orthodox Faith shall be uplifted, and shall spring from East to West in order to be blessed and praised. The barbarians shall be overcome with fright and, wholly trembling, shall headlong flee speedily, abandoning the world’s metropolis (Constantinople), then God shall be glorified, and man shall see the works of His omnipotence. Let it be so, and it shall be so, Amen”

This “resurrection” of the persecuted Orthodox Church under than hands of Islam appears to agree with the text of Revelation 20 which says:

Rev 20 Resurrection

22. Fear and Terror of the Barbarians under the True Faith.

The remaining Islamic forces will flee into Asia at the sight of the spread of a Single Unified Christian Faith, that is, they will be pushed back “into the sea”. After peace is secured in Europe, the future world emperor will turn to the Agarenes and be victorious over them.

St. Methodios of Pataras says:

“And the sons of Ishmael he will divide into three groups: one third he will kill by the sword, one third he will baptize and the rest he will bring under submission in the East.”

St. Kosmas the Aetolean says:

63. The Turks will leave, but they shall return and will come as far as Hexamilia. In the end, they shall be driven away to Kokkina Milia. Of the Turks, one third will be killed, another third will be baptized, and the remaining third will go to Kokkina Milia (“the red apple tree”)

23. Cessation of Papism and the establishment of a single Patriarch for the entire European Continent.

The cessation of the Papal Supremacy. This prophecy appears to perhaps indicate a realignment of the five Patriarchates (Constantinople, Rome, Jerusalem, Antioch and Alexandria) to meet the realities of the modern world, with reestablishment of one Patriarchate for each Continent; (i.e. a Patriarchate of Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South Americas).

24. In five and fifty years the end of the afflictions will arrive; and in the seventh (day) there is not a miserable man, there is not an exiled man; returning into the arms of the rejoicing Mother (of the Church). So shall it happen, and we wish that it come to pass.

Amen. Amen. Amen.

I am the Alpha and the Omega ( the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet, meaning here: the beginning and the end, as in
Revelation 1:8).

The First and the Last.

This indicates that the prophecy was given to us by Jesus Himself, the Logos, the Ancient of Days and the Son of Man, to further convince us of its authenticity.

In the end, there will be only one flock and one shepherd coming from the true orthodox faith.

We wish that it be done.

Amen. Amen. Amen.

Again, a hint that this prophecy is given to us directly from the Holy Trinity

(A servant of Christ, our true God)



The prophet Agathangelos in 1279 AD speaks about this period of unity even further:

“The impious school of the Devil, which has the appearance of sanctity before the eyes of men, behold, it will be completely destroyed and disappear; then a most bright Constitution of the Divine Providence will shine in the world and illumine it, and chronologically this will take place very close to the final destruction of those cursed, unjust and rapacious wolves. And low, and behold, the Triangular stone which was rejected by the builders has become the top cornerstone. Oh, you poor and destitute human beings! Exalt the name of the Lord our God up high, sing hymns to the Great King of the Ages, glorfy Him!

Come, oh come, devout generation, rejoice with the psalter and the lyre, in drums and in shouts and in trumpets; sharpen your cymbals; blow in and increase the volume of your organs; blow into your pipes and your bagpipes; run and jump in dances that are acceptable and according to law; dance in the decorous fashion before the throne of the Great King of Israel, Whom the blasphemies of the Sabbatians have stained and soiled for many centuries.

Also you, the inventors of the distorted heresies, come and join your own hymns in the celebration to your Lord, because He is good, because His Mercy endureth forever, amen. 

(…) And lo and behold, a great multitude of a heavenly army carried away the Great Dragon and they tied him with formidable chains and cast him off in the Tartarus of the burning furnace of fire, while the Angels were singing upon the earth, in the ether, and upon the waters as follows: Holy God, Holy Mighty, Holy Immortal, have Mercy on us. Only to This thrice Holy God belongs the glory and the might and the kingdom in the ages of ages. Amen.”

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