“Book Of Daniel And The Apocryphal Daniel Literature” – by Lorenzo DiTommaso

Interesting book I found by Lorenzo Ditommaso on the apocryphal prophecies related to the book of Daniel, with obvious traces to many of the Greek manuscripts. Lorenzo DiTommaso is Professor of Religion at Concordia University, Montréal, Canada, who is one of today’s leading scholars on ancient and medieval pseudepigrapha and apocalypes

Daniel Apocryphal Book Cover
Book Description:
“This volume illuminates the full extent of the corpus of ancient and mediaeval apocryphal Daniel literature. It is the first study to examine the Daniel legenda, the apocryphal apocalypses, and the prognostica as discrete categories of texts and to evaluate their generic relationship to the biblical Book of Daniel. Special emphases include the identification of the texts and their manuscript evidence as well as the study of late antique and early mediaeval apocalyptic literature attributed to Daniel. This volume will be of particular interest to biblical scholars and to those who specialise in biblical apocrypha and pseudepigrapha.”
Author’s Recent Work
Book Review here:
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Daniel Apocryphal TOC

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