The Prophecy of St. Andrew – Fool For Christ


St. Andrew lived from 450 to 515 A. D. He was a Scythian. He is called “a fool for Christ” (salos), because while he was most wise and holy he feigned foolishness and idiocy for the Lord, literally applying for himself St. Paul’s saying: ‘If anyone among you thinks that he is wise in this age, let him become a fool that he may become wise” (I Corinthians, 3:18).

“This town ruling over many nations will be unconquerable by the nations, and unsubdued, for God’s Mother has kept it from such fate through the protection of her own wings; and by her mediation (to her Son) it will be kept invulnerable… And there is a (prophetic) word saying that the Agarene nation will come into it and will slay large crowds with the sword. And I myself say that also the blond nation shall come into the town, the nation whose name is in the 17th letter of the 24 letters recapitulated. But it will come in and they will strew the ground with the corpses of the sinners, and woe to them from the two branches whose swords moving like breeze, and sharp scythes too, mowing wheat in summer, will not return to their places anymore, and neither will they stay here… Because in the last days God the Lord will raise a king from poverty and he will reign in justice; he will become agreeable to everyone through charity, and will abolish every war, and he will take care that the poor become rich. And there will be peace in the way it was in Noah’s days, because none will ever make war. In those days men will be very rich, in peace and in deep calmness eating and drinking, getting married and making marriages, living in much freedom, unmindfully relying on earthly things. And owing to the lack of war on earth, they will cut up their swords and change them into scythes and agricultural tools. And after that he will turn toward the east and will humble the sons of Agar. Because the Lord will be angry with them because of their blasphemy blaspheming our Lord Jesus Christ, and of the sodomy they practice. And many of them, receiving the holy baptism, will become agreeable and will be honored by that devout king; as to the rest of them, the king will destroy and burn and put them to death. In those times the planet will be restored; also Illyricon of the kingdom of the Romans (Greeks); and Egypt will bring her treaties. And he will lay his right hand on the nations all around. And he will tame the blond nations; and will defeat those who hate him. For thirty and two years will he govern the kingdom. He will not impose taxes for 12 years, and will not accept presents. And he will raise the shattered altars and will have the holy churches rebuilt. There will not be law suits in those days, and neither wrongdoers or wronged people. Because all the earth shall shrink before his face; and he will, through fear, make the sons of men be prudent. And he will exterminate those magnates who will transgress the law”

Suggested Interpretation:
This prophecy was originally written in Greek.

The ‘Blond Nation’ whose name begins with the 17th letter of the Greek Alphabet is the letter ‘R’ or rho, most likely referring to the Russians.

We get further confirmation from the prophet Agathanghelos that it will be Russia that will ‘liberate’ Byzantium.

St. Andrew refers to the religion of the Agarenes as being a blasphemy to God because of the distortion and negligence of the Trinity and Jesus as the Son of God.

After the war a future ruler will defeat them, and convert many of them. Also a wonderful era of peace is predicted.

Additional info here.

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